The place emerges out of the darkness. It is specifically designed to work this way. The low light works as a form of protection and challenge. It hides the elements to which the customers wouldn’t want to be exposed. This selective exposure also extends to the relations that arise.

What is presented here is only a part of the whole truth. It is a mixture of role, expectation and reality as it happens during the repetitive ritual of the scene, the lap dances on the couches and the private encounters in the small rooms behind the curtains.

Services are reviewed and graded in online forums, just as any product or service would.

To what degree can someone be emotionally stripped?

What’s left when fantasy clashes with reality?

Out of all the sex shows, the only one that seemed to bother her was the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She wasn’t comfortable in that role. She never told me why.

Mari Masouridou