My work concerns images which compose a narration. They describe a dark but elaborately lighted place, where these findings are placed: dismembered bodies, hair, heads, nailed body members etc. The creator or creators of these macabre still lives are absent from the frame, but their work speaks for them.
In my work we could say that something familiar, such as the places where the gruesome discoveries are located, my house, the place where I have experienced feelings and situations becomes suddenly uncanny to my eyes and thus to my photographic work, producing horrific images, unbecoming, paranoid, with the primary component of the dark, the massacre of inanimate objects, the ultimate creation of a strange and terrifying image in a familiar environment.
Through the process of photography, I realized that A house of uncanny is an extension of my psychology where by joining impulses and images that I had as a child to my concerns as an adult, a new world was created inside my home.

Georgia Maragkopoulou