The current photo collection delves into all those marginal spaces of the city, from which the viewer’s gaze unconsciously turns away. Interprets the contemporary athenian landscape as a field of increased entropy – increased self-destruction – , in which continual processes of collapse and construction take place, successively and simultaneously. The fragmented urban fabric, urban voids and ruined topologies, however, are not seen as a final condition, but as a dynamic and ever-changing field of investigation and contemplation, which includes the heterogeneous, the radical and the abnormal. Walter Benjamin, in his writings, is referred to as a ragpicker of history and seeks all those objects that resist their incorporation into the eternal narrative progress. By gathering ‘historical waste’, creates dialectical images – constellations, capable of cracking the barriers of thought. In the same way, the architectural waste of the city functions as a raw material that contributes to the creation of such images, while the cracks in the body of the city open up parallel levels of interpretation. As a result, this collection is an open project that attempts to re-imagine the city through these rejected topologies – through the amalgam of urban material, the scattered fragments and the dynamics of its emptiness.