The series You can be a cop, a criminal or a lawyer. When you are facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?,  comprises of eight photographs produced over the last two years, an outcome of Constantinos Taliotis’ research on the narratological and aesthetic aspects of gangster films and b-movies. Focusing on the critical narratological moments of these films, Talotis produces eight cinematic tableau vivant photos that trace the trajectory of the finger to the trigger and through temporal elongation map the production of fear and suspense. By paying primary attention to freezing recurring narrative tropes as they come across in the aforementioned film genres, such as briefcase swaps, car chases, hostage situations, roadblocks, betrayal and back stabbings, the meticulously constructed photographs function as fragments of absent grand narratives alluding to what might have preceded or succeed the constructed duels. The temporal dilation of the cinematic scenes, frozen by the medium of still photography, present with clarity all the elements that create those breathaking moments of filmic suspense.