• “the energy in a ton of uranium would be sufficient to light London for a year”, Frederick Soddy, The Interpretation of Radium and the Structure of the Atom, 1909 
  • “nuclear energy is the greatest invention since the discovery of fire”, Robert Hutchins (University of Chicago), A Bill for the Development and Control of Atomic Energy, 1946 
  • “the greatest future ever spread before mankind with dazzling possibilities of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, Charles Merriam, American Journal of Sociology 53, 1947 
  • “in the near future nuclear energy would create a world in which there is no disease…where hunger is unknown…where ‘dirt’ is an old-fashioned word… Imagine…the world of the future…the world that nuclear energy can create for us”, Harold Stassen (President Eisenhower’s Special Assistant on Disarmament), Ladies’ Home Journal 72, 1955   

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