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About Platform

The Young Photographers Platform provides a comprehensive framework encompassing exhibition opportunity and development initiatives. Its primary objective is to promote emerging photo-based artists with a connection to Greece while showcasing the diversity and vitality of the Greek photography scene.

The annual exhibition “Young Greek Photographers”, which has been taking place since 1987 as one of the first initiatives of the Hellenic Centre for Photography, emerged from the growing cultural activity of the time, establishing an institutional framework. Since its inception to the present day, it has significantly assisted young artists in entering the visual arts scene and has endeavored to showcase the best photographic works by Greek or Greece-based artists under the age of 35.

In line with contemporary practices and the demands of the times, the program seeks to transcend the boundaries of a simple exhibition event, forming a platform for the promotion and support of emerging photographers. The overall philosophy of the program aims to create a community of photographers that operates supportively even after their participation in each cycle of the program. At the core of the activities is the organization of the exhibition featuring the work of selected artists.


The objectives of the program are:

• To highlight emerging artists who are at the early stages of their artistic creation and exhibition practices.
• To provide a record of creative output by showcasing works created by artists based in Greece.
• To capture the artistic concerns, orientations, and explorations of the new generation of Greek photography.
• To facilitate mobility for artists at both national and international levels.
• To establish a program based on internationally models with the aim of creating an artist network.
• To provide training and develop additional skills.
• To foster mutual understanding and create conditions for collaboration.
• To discuss thoughts and concerns surrounding the conditions of photographic practice in Greece.

These objectives are achieved through:

• Exhibition programming
• Designing and implementing educational workshops
• Developing networking meetings
• Establishing an artist residency program
• Cultivating connections, exchanges, and collaborations with organizations from other cities and countries.

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