Interior Decoration is a series of photographic visits to Athenian houses, focusing on the reception areas, the owners’ and their relatives’ portraits, exposed along with other decorative objects, paintings, personal treasures and evidence of taste.

She looks at the battle to keep memories alive and the use of the past as a component of personality. She observes the interior architecture together with the architectural identity. Viewing the interior design as an expression of the inner self, as an artistic installation of the unconscious exposure of the soul.

This long and detailed depiction reveals the human particularities and cultural characteristics. At the same time, it magnifies and highlights the existential dimension of the effort to pull together self and time.

From living rooms to bedrooms, accumulated experiences, memories, framed pictures that tell a tale and retaking pictures of pictures of people in their absence give us the impression of stopping the sands of time.

This is a virtual heaven where the dead and the living can co-exist in perfect harmony. One last look around, the straightening of the tablecloth and a fleeting glance in the hall mirror before opening the door to the visitor.

Panos Kokkinias