Metamorphosis: “a complete change of character, appearance or condition”. In my photographs I use my own self because it is my most valuable friend. I have chosen a clear white background that does not distract the viewer’s gaze, ordinary objects and faces with extraordinary features that have become my allies in a journey of self-knowledge. Characters who trouble me, who are distinctive, who have always made me seek them out, analyze them and compare myself to them, in order to erase an old trauma and achieve an internal catharsis. I impersonate other characters, because I cannot escape my own body. Why am I ailing, while others don’t? My transformations are both a symptom and a cure, a total repression of every concern, a deterioration that helps identify the deepest reason of the current situation. Photography as a therapy. I started photographing, when I became sick. To me, it is the reality in which I am obliged to give reasons to nobody, my cure. “BAD GIRLS” is the emancipation of myself from the self-imposed prudery. It is Me.